Assignment of Consent

When you Assign your consent you are demonstrating reaching "legal Majority".

You cease to be the party standing as assurity to the title of the copyrighted name owned by Crown Corporation.

This deed you do dissolves the C'est Que Tu Vie Trust and rebuts the presumption you are a non entity without rights. It creates another Trust for you to trust, your own. It is an indefinable trust without limitations and potential and serves as a protective layer to you and your family, your community and your resources and environment.

It rebuts the presumed consent that the Birth Certificate and the use of the name provides the commercial system and keeps you in the "private". When the consent that the commercial system presumes they have through your use of their LOGO is rebutted there is no longer a legal jurisdiction of you by man- made creation and in simple terms your free.

Under Mercantile Law the party standing surety is to have all accounts passed to them. The ULC trust stands surety to you instead of you "holding the can" and the accounts containing your Universal Source energy are removed from the parasitical system and back in your own hands.

It creates a triad of trusts. A trust within a trust within a trust. So you put your trust in yourself first by making the decision, self determining, to sack the Crown as something that your trust. You become the Trustee of your own estate. Collectively your community now has all these families assigning their consent back to themselves these together create our Community Trusts, which replace the corporate council. Which you are all the executors of, the decisions made by you the community as to what happens in your community, direct democracy and de centralisation. Collectively all the communities in the Cosmos are protected by Universal Law and we are the community that trusts in that, making us all the beneficiaries of The Universe and you just re-inherited the Earth. Removing those that seek to cause harm through Ministering the Remedy with this simple act of demonstrating your capacitated mind.

Now its our job to protect it as the corporations have proven they are not fit to "govern". This is where what your reality consists of from here on in is down to you your intent commitment and kindness. You have always been the creators now you can do it consciously and are free to make the right choice instead of the cheapest and what you thought was convenient you realise is in fact the opposite.

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