The easiest way to learn and to understand ULCT is to meet with us, speak in person and get involved in your local community

Registration Support, Help Articles to support you in your new community and FAQ’s will be posted here in good time, our group on facebook and youtube channels have a vat of information and support, from files, members, footage, photos, graphics and experience from our members.

As well as all of the above, you can and should request a meet up in your local area.

This can be via a phone call to speak, a zoom, or you start an email conversation with a local facilitator in your area. 

Before you Assign your Consent please liaise with a ULCT Member that is Local to you, so they can help with you the right way to get you involved in your community.

    Your Proton Email Address

    What Country on Earth?

    What State or Borough on Earth?

    Someone from your Local Area or Community will be in touch to discuss your enquiry